Makita Impact XPS Launch Campaign

Makita’s new Impact XPS is the best line of bits and fastening accessories to get any fastening job done. With a lifespan of up to 90x longer than standard bits, the Impact XPS bits are truly a game-changer in the industry.

From creative concept, and storyboarding, to art direction, the focal point for this launch campaign was about emphasizing the longevity of these new bits. Through the use of highly defined 3D renders and animation, we were able to showcase the technology behind the bits in a simple but effective visual design. The outcome was a comprehensive range of marketing materials, including animations, social media images, in-store assets, landing pages, and other print collaterals, all aimed at reaching a wider audience and showcasing the superiority of Makita’s new bits.

Campaign Development, Art Direction, Creative Concept, Storyboarding
3D Artist - Ryan Levy, Designer - Kerwin Simeus