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Creative Captain & Brand Whisperer


Carney, a seasoned senior creative leader based in Los Angeles, boasts over 15 years of industry expertise. His primary focus lies in mentoring and empowering fellow designers to unlock their full potential.

A natural problem-solver with a discerning eye for design and visual aesthetics, Carney adeptly juggles diverse responsibilities, including art direction, concept development, branding, marketing strategy, and animation. Thriving amidst challenges, he consistently seeks innovative solutions that surpass client expectations.

Driven by a profound passion for continuous learning, Carney eagerly embraces new tools and skills to breathe life into concepts. His versatile skill set enables him to approach projects from various perspectives, resulting in comprehensive and finely executed designs. Embracing the belief that there’s no such thing as a “bad” design, he remains steadfast in his quest to deliver solutions that precisely align with each project’s goals and objectives.

In essence, Carney embodies a dynamic and skilled creative professional, endowed with a rich reservoir of experience and expertise. His fusion of creativity, problem-solving prowess, and technical acumen renders him an invaluable asset to any project he undertakes.

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What other creative professionals say about Carney

– Carney has been a huge driving force in elevating the work we’ve done together at Makita, and has brought much-needed creative leadership and talents to the team. He’s invested in everyone he works with and genuinely cares as much about the people as he does about the work. His thoughtful problem-solving and technical know-how make him well-equipped to take on any curveballs that come his way, and he always does everything in good spirits. –

Headshot - Bruce Dinh
Bruce Dinh Brand Creative Director at ToughBuilt

– Carney is a truly talented pro, who makes an impact on every project he touches. His design and people skills are unmatched. He is always a pleasure to work with as he brings professional insight and experience as well as polished creativity to the table. In addition, Carney's calm demeanor coupled with the breadth of his experience is like a calm breeze in the storm of pressure. –

Headshot - Jerry Boyle
Jerry Boyle Global Digital & eCommerce Manager at Kennametal

– Carney is, without question, an incredibly talented designer with a superior eye not only for details, but also for the bigger picture of any project under his purview. Beyond the design essentials such as pixels, contrasts and fonts, he demonstrates a conceptual ability that ably brings larger brand ideas to life, demonstrating his thoughts in a manner that seamlessly straddles the discipline of design with the flair of art direction. –

Headshot - Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers Executive Creative Director at Havas/ Belkin/ McCann

– Carney is one of the few people I've worked with that is an all around talent, capable of anything you throw at him. His ability to take a project and come up with fresh ideas with thoughtful consideration on all aspects is only rivaled by his ability to execute on those ideas and design something that is outstanding. He always wants to learn more and he shares his knowledge. He's an invaluable part of any team he's on. –

Headshot - Armik Davalokhanian
Armik Davalokhanian Art Director at HYPER