Homepage – Before

The previous version of the Kennametal homepage had some issues that hindered user experience. One of the main problems was the lack of clear navigation to guide customers in finding what they were looking for. The header and menu section, in particular, proved to be challenging for first-time visitors. After conducting research, the team discovered that important features and links were misplaced and, at times, hidden. Additionally, the main banner suffered from a layer of masking that reduced the visibility of its highlighted products.

Homepage – New

The newly redesigned homepage of Kennametal now features a clear and prominent contact us and phone number to increase lead generation and drive revenue. The team also focused on creating a clean and easy-to-use navigation system, which includes a revamped mega menu to guide customers to the information they need quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the main banner is now free from any masking layers, which makes the highlighted products more visible and attractive to customers.

The header section is designed to focus on the users’ needs, while the footer provides top 10 popular category links, as well as the most visited pages based on analytics. These features help customers find the information they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. The updated homepage meets today’s web standards and best practices, resulting in a better user experience for Kennametal’s customers. Overall, the redesigned homepage has improved the usability of the website, created design consistency and UX improvements, and ultimately drove more revenue for the company.

Kennametal Homepage Redesign

In line with Kennametal’s commitment to elevating customer satisfaction, the primary focus of this redesign initiative was to enhance website usability and adherence to web standards, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across all pages. A paramount objective was to cultivate brand consistency and cohesiveness throughout the platform.

The redesign encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the homepage, featuring the implementation of new header and footer elements to enhance navigational efficiency. A mobile-friendly design approach was adopted, optimizing the site for diverse devices and user preferences. Additionally, meticulous attention was devoted to improving page loading speed and bolstering SEO strategies, facilitating effortless access to pertinent information for customers.

The refined website architecture and user-centric enhancements yielded tangible results, fostering increased engagement and conversions. By prioritizing intuitive navigation and aesthetic refinement, Kennametal not only amplified its online presence but also fortified its brand identity, positioning itself as a trusted leader in the industry.

Art Direction, UX/UI Research
Melonheads agency, Natalia Szyszko